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No tokens received

Hi, I had made a purchase of 70 VIP Tokens with payment being made but haven't receive any tokens till now. Plaese check n let me know in due course. Thks.

We apologize for the trouble and the delay in responding.

Please share the store receipt for the transaction along with the BUDDY code of your account with

We'll look into it and do the needful.

Paid 19.99 for tokens.havnt received them yet.please help.longtime player.
Paid 19.99 for tokens.havnt received them yet.please help.ive been playing this game for years.

We have replied to your ticket - please check the inbox.

Hello Poker Legends Support. I reached 5 Million chips and it said here's 5 Million chips extra but I did not get it even though I pressed collect. This has happened every time I leveled up and was supposed to receive millions of chips. Can you reimburse me the chips that I am supposed to receive starting from level 1 up to my 5 Million chips that I just reached, and was supposed to receive a 5 Million chips bonus for my achievement?

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please mail us your purchase receipt with the order details visible along with your game profile details. We will surely check and do the needful.

No tokens received 370 purchased on Jan 6 2022 have not received any of them yet. Please help and correct this problem asap please.

Can you please email us your account name and Buddy code to - also please include the receipt with the Order ID visible.

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