The tournament is a weekly competition in which each player will be ranked based on the number of hands they win in various tables. A tournament remains active for 4 days.

Each win while a Tournament is active will give you Tournament Points based on the Table and number of players on the table. Win from a bigger table will earn you higher points.

Division Rank

Each player will be competing with a set of 30 Players from the same league called a division. At a given time there can be multiple divisions within a league. Players ranked 1 to 10 from a division will be promoted to the next higher league at the end of the tournament. Players ranked 20 to 30 will be relegated to a lower league.

World Rank

The world ranking is based on the points gained across all the Divisions and Leagues. There is a special World Reward pool for the winners. 

Prize Pool

A prize pool will be created at the beginning of the tournament which will be split and given to the players based on their rank when the tournament ends.
The prize pool grows over the course of the Tournament based on the cash won by competing players during the Tournament. Each win will contribute a share to the Division prize pool and the world prize pool.
There will be a prize pool for every division within a League which will be shared among the players in the Division.
The Grand world prize pool will be shared among the top 100 players in the world ranking.

Hall of Fame  

In this tab, the Tournament's Top 100 Players are listed. All-time Tournament winners and best players can be seen here.

How to Start 

Just win any hand from any table while the tournament is active. It will gain you tournament points and you will be added to a tournament division.