In Sit n Go tournament, every player starts with the same number of chips, Rebuys are not allowed and blinds continuously increase, The tournament will last only until one player remains.


Sit n Go tournaments have no pre-determined start time and begin as soon as the table is filled.


In Sit n Go the final two players get paid. First place gets 50 percent of the prize pool, second place will get 30 percent.


In Sit n Go tournament, blinds are increasing periodically, The number of chips required for the next blind will be mentioned on the panel on top, Also, it will mention The Blinds when a new hand starts, Pay close attention to the blinds and strategize accordingly to avoid being forced All-In .


You can leave the Sit n Go at any time but if you leave a tournament that already started, you will lose your Buy-In. If you leave before the tournament begins, your Buy-In will be returned to you.


You will get Tournament points from Sit n Go when you get Rank 1 and Rank 2 Please note, you will not receive any points on the private table Sit n Go.