The Piggy Bank is a savings feature. Every time you BET chips in a game, a percentage of your chips will be automatically credited to your Piggy Bank. You will be able to claim these saved chips when you break the Piggy Bank.


Each time you break your Piggy Bank, you will level up until the maximum Level 5 is reached. The higher level your Piggy Bank is, the more you can fill up your Piggy! 

How can I break the Piggy Bank? 

You can break the Piggy with a purchase once it starts filling up, but you will get the most out of it by breaking it once it's full!

What happens after I break the Piggy?  

The chips in the Piggy Bank will then be added to your current chips and the number of chips in the Piggy Bank will reset to the starting amount of the next level.

Where can I find my Piggy Bank?  

In the bottom hood, you will see a Piggy icon. When you click it, the Piggy Bank will open