Poker Club aim to recreate the experience of real-world poker club, where friends or like-minded individuals can come together to enjoy poker.

You can access the Club from the main lobby or the main window. Each Club can access  maximum of 10 users.

To create your own Poker club, you must be at least level 10 and have 50 VIP tokens. You can access the create window from the My Club tab, enter the club name (which can be changed later) and click on the Create Button. You can also share your club's code with other user's for them to join.

To join an existing club, you need to be at least level 5, and no VIP tokens are required. You can view the recent club list from the Clubs tab, then click on Visit or Join. Visiting opens the Club's page, while Joining sends a request. Once the Admin/Manager approves your request, you'll become a member. You can also access any club's page from a user's profile if they are part of a club.

Clubs offer various customization options, including choosing a club name, club avatar, club tagline, and member tagline. You can find these options in the Edit window of Clubs.

Club members have ranks as follows: ADMIN, MANAGER, ASSOCIATE, and MEMBER.

ADMIN - Typically the creator of the club, with full control.

MANAGER - Similar privileges to ADMIN but cannot edit the ADMIN's rank or disband the club.

ASSOCIATE - Similar privileges to ADMIN and MANAGER, except editing ADMIN and MANAGER roles. A club can have a maximum of 3 Associates.

MEMBER - Has no special privileges.

In the Games Tab, members can view games played by clubmates. After each hand, an entry is added. Clubmates can watch the replay or join the table.Club Chat allows you to chat with club members. It's visible only to club members.

Club members and other users can post on the club wall, visible to all users. Club Admin can disband the club, but all other members must be removed first. Note that once a club is disbanded, it cannot be retrieved, so use this option wisely.

Tournament Points for Clubs

During the tournament, each club member's points will directly contribute to the overall club Tournament Points. At the tournament's conclusion, the club will receive rewards akin to individual users, which will then be distributed equally among all club members.However,Additionally, if members of the same club find themselves seated at the same table during a game, they will not accumulate any club tournament points. but it will be contributed to User points. These regulations ensure fairness by reducing the potential for cheating.