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Payment problems

I bought tokens and it’s not loading in my account

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I just paid $9.99 for like 180 vip coins and I didn't receive any of them. My debit card went through. Who should I contact about this?

Please email the Purchase receipt with the order ID to - please include your account name or Buddy code too. 

Hi, is you still have issue, please write to us at

with all the details.


Shove it up yer app same happened to me just read replies keep yer shit app Fk that cheats Robbers skanked fur a fiver meh Av it

purchaced tokens an did not recieve. had previosly bought tokens no problem. but when buying substanual ammount get ripped off. What gives ?

Please email your account name or Buddy code and the Purchase receipt with the Order ID(GPA.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx) to

Apologies for the inconvenience caused,

Please email us your Buddy code/name & level of the account along with the purchase receipt.

Please make sure the order ID and the associated details are visible along with the date.

We will surely check and do the needful for you.

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