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My account

I joined steam and my original profile got left in the dust. Now I'm starting all over using the same email I used with my previous account and my previous account still exists cause I can see it on the tournament board. Steam screwed me out of a whole week of play and I was doing very well. Thanks for bending me over assholes!!

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Need my account back

Please mail us at with your BUDDY code/exact name & level of the account.

How can I recover my account?

Share the Buddy code or the exact username and level of the account along with any VIP token purchase receipts associated with the account.

We will check and do the needful.

Please share the requested details with

Eric t the biggest scamming derv that comes with this app, Wouldn't trust fuck all from these lying scamming Indians....

Please contact us and brief us on the issue with

OMG i have simmiliar problem, can not use my acc but acc looklike in active
I lost my initial account as queen4 when I had to get a new phone and had millions built up can you relocate it and replace me in system with it instead on new one now,?

Kindly reach out to us at along with your buddy code or the exact username and level of the account.

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