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Game server

I cannot conect to game server.

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Apologies for the inconvenience caused. The issue is now resolved and you must be able to enjoy the game without any further disruptions. Thanks for reporting and once again our sincere apologies.

My game has been saying re-connecting to game server for 2 days and hasn't
My game has been saying reconnecting to game server for two days and hasn't need help
Please get your server up again.

Sorry, the issue is now fixed permanently. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Same problem again. + I lost a lot of money. + I cannot play in the compatition. I am fed up.

I have been tying for thee day's and can not get the game to load.

Can you please email the screenshot of the error to

Oops, sorry that you are facing game loading-related issues, please brief us on the situation and share screenshots, device info and OS version details so that we can identify & fix it ASAP. - to

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation,

As soon as I enter the game it says "re-connecting to game server" and it doesn't connect.
My profile my is "Sweetback". The game server won't connect? please fix. Thanks!

My game has not worked in hours. Will it be back up soon? What is going on with the game very annoying when i want to play.

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