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Multi login Detected.

I'm getting this same message everytime I try to play the game: It seems like you have opened this account in another device. Please Click "Reload" to continue. Reload is not fixing the problem. I also powered the phone down and uninstalled the game many times but it still will not let me back in. Still giving me the same message. How can I reset or fix this issue without starting all over again\?/ Can y'all reset or fix the game\?/

Is poker legends down keeps saying unable to reach server and started earlier saying multiple internet is working fine .please help
Same problem to log on
Unable to reach server or it says multiple logins?what's going on? never had this problem in almost 2yrs that I've been playing poker legends. Please help with update .
Having the same issue still just curious if we're going to get a update or if it's getting fixed.
Same thing and now I'm getting this.
Yeah still no fix about ready to just give up and delete the app

We assure you that all game data and assets are safe on our servers. We are assisting all our users who need to regain access to their lost accounts. Please share the buddy code/username & level of your account to

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