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Adding a new debit card

Dear Support Team, I have been trying to add a new MasterCard to my PL account since my Visa has expired. However, when I enter the full 16-digit number, nothing happens - I cannot save the number, the number does not show as enetred and I cannot move to the next step. The issue is urgent as I want to pay for the limited offer expiring in 10 hours. Thank you. The Player
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We apologize for the delay in our response.

We understand the urgency of your situation regarding adding a new MasterCard to your Poker Legends account. However, please be informed that Poker Legends does not directly handle or collect payment information, including credit card details.

Our in-game purchases are managed exclusively by well-known platforms such as Facebook, Apple, Google, or Steam. If you're facing difficulties in adding your new payment method, we recommend reaching out to the support team of the respective platform you are using for assistance.

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