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Inexplicably banned without warning or known cause

Hi, I've been trying to reach someone all day regarding this. I have played Poker Legends for a very long time and rarely had any issues with the app. I've never been in any fights with other players (it's fake money and it's just a game - why fight?), and I have certainly not been cheating (I lose money all the time and have just over a million in chips vs. most other players having hundreds of millions all the time). I am 100% confident that this was either an error or some kind of troll by some other player who has falsely reported me for who knows what reason. As I have said, I just log in and play poker. It's just a fun game to pass the time. At this point, I stand to lose my placement in the weekly tournament as well as my daily bonus streak that is well over 160 days. I have had no choice but to report the issue directly to Google to try and get some kind of resolution. I have no emails warning me of my supposed "repeated violations of the Terms of Services," and for this to be the go to solution frankly makes me want to question why I should fight to get my access back. But it's now a matter of principle as I don't cheat and have not done anything wrong here. Please contact me asap about this. Here is the ticket number I have issued through this forum, which apparently does not show up here despite the automatic emails I've received which provide this very number: Ticket ID# 212336 Username "Guy on the Couch."
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We have previously responded to your ticket number, clarifying that accounts undergo an anti-bot check for suspicious activity. If no input is provided within a specified time, the accounts are temporarily blocked. Repeated occurrences lead to permanent blocking.

Good news: the GuyOnTheCouch - Level: 23 account is active and listed in the world rank. Congratulations!

Feel free to reach out for any assistance or queries. Enjoy playing and have a wonderful time ahead.


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