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5th card not dealt

It happened again it cost me another 50thousand chips that’s 200thousand chips today in just 3 hands and that’s not counting the chips I should have had since i could have been beaten by a last card on the last time I won’t count the winnings but the 1st two times it happened a last card couldn’t beat me I’ll count them at 160thousand +chips plus the tournament points i didn’t get and all I’m asking is that you replace the 200thousand chips that were taken from me because of a glitch in your game I don’t think I should have to be out of pocket for your faults

Much appreciated if you can report the replay. 

Are you missing the river card on the replay as well?

The game has alot of glitches 5th card not dealt sometimes, money disapears sometimes for no apparent reason and a few more that Im sure that you all have probably read about, this is a great game that I really like to play. It has crossed my mind to uninstall it though because of the poblems. I will be paient a little longer and give the creators time to fix the problems. I take my poker serious.

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