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contact or support??

what happen to my daily bonuses??? it started me over. is there something wrong with the game no reason for this, I play everyday. need to start me back where I was. and replace all the bonuses I should have. thanks so much for help with this matter.

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Please Email us your account name & level/Buddy code in concern.

I didn't receive the right payout for the tournament that just ended I was supposed to get 1,200,@something dollars times two and all I got was 32,000 times two I can't believe this I took a screen shot please let me know what your going to do about this this isn't the first time something like this has happened I shrugged off the other but not this time!!

We apologize for the significant delay in responding, and we appreciate your prompt notification.

We have investigated the issue thoroughly and rectified it. Rest assured, all users have now received the announced tournament rewards.

I'm still waiting for the last 3 compliants that I made 3m chips ,600000th,1m
When will I get
New phone lost all money and VIP pts over 5 mill in chip's and 30 pts ..and 9th place in tournament this morning

Please email us at with your buddy code, and we'll investigate the issue and respond to you accordingly.

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